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Unity Legal Solutions

Conducting Unity

Accessible & Economical legal project management & funding

What do Unity legal Solutions do?

UNITY is shaking up the market for the provision of legal services in the U.K, which for far too long has been an unchallenged monopoly, often failing to provide cost effective legal services, particularly in the fields of litigation, arbitration and corporate finance.

UNITY is transforming the legal services market by matching clients with the most appropriate and cost-effective providers of legal services and then project managing the relationship so as to achieve the best and most cost-effective outcome. There is no other business of this kind.

UNITY offers, in appropriate cases, the services of qualified mediators who will assist in the resolution of disputes at the earliest possible stage with the resulting reduction in legal cost.

UNITY is uniquely a “go to” hub for a truly objective assessment of the legal market generally and for an up-to-the-minute analysis of the particular legal issues facing a client.

Who are Unity Legal Solutions?

​The UNITY team consists of experts who have provided legal services and users of those services, united by the common aim of offering an efficient and cost effective solution to users of legal services.

Latest news

Unity and SBID

Unity is pleased to announce that it has become an accredited supplier of legal services to the Society of British and International Designers [SBID]. The…

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The Genesis Initiative breakfast meeting

Unity was very pleased to sponsor the Genesis Initiative breakfast meeting in the House of Commons on 22 July. The meeting was hosted by Government…

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Unity Legal Solutions is pleased to announce that Amanda Bucklow has joined the Unity mediation team. Roger Billins says: “Not only is Amanda an experienced…

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We are pleased to announce that as many as three Mediators have joined our Mediation Panel. We are very fortunate to be joined by John…

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We are pleased to announce two further members of our team: We are very fortunate to be joined by CHRIS UPTON. Chris is a chartered…

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A Lincoln's Inn audience heard a panel of speakers, chaired by Unity’s Roger Billins, discuss issues relevant to the conference topic of access to justice.…

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Unity is very pleased to announce that Laura Berton has joined the Unity Team as one of our advisers. Laura is a lawyer specialising in…

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Unity Legal Solutions Autumn Conference

Unity is pleased to announce its autumn conference to be held in Lincoln’s Inn on 13 October. The topic is “Access to Justice “ and the speakers will be discussing highly relevant topics such as mediation, litigation funding and the problems faced by entrepreneurs as the economy emerges from Covid. Please see the attached for full details and how to register.
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The man who killed Don Quixote

This wonderful film starring Adam Driver and directed by Terry Gilliam was decades in the making and involved much trauma on the way, including a prolonged battle between Terry and Portuguese film producer, Paulo Branco.
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​Unity is delighted to welcome Anthony Trace Q.C.

UNITY is delighted to welcome Anthony Trace Q.C. as its new Head of Mediation. Anthony has a wealth of experience at the highest levels, having…

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Unity in the News

Unity's continuing campaign for the Trustees of the Garden Bridge to be held accountable for the huge waste of public money involved in the vanity…

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Unity Legal Solutions is pleased to announce its tie up with video law productions

Roger Billins said: "The current pandemic has emphasised how important visual contact is in the process of keeping in touch with the wider community."
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“It is likely that the trustees of the trust have breached their duty to act with reasonable skill and care”

So says Q.C. concerning actions of Garden Bridge Trustees.
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The unsavoury alliance between oligarchs and London’s top lawyers

The accompanying article is written by Nick Cohen was a strong attack on the retainer by unsavoury Russian oligarchs of top London law firms.
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Do Lawyers get in the way?

Christopher Parr is a solicitor and mediation services director at Unity Legal Solutions.
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Italian chamber of commerce​

Roger Billins was pleased to be invited to speak to members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce.
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Unity Legal at the 2017 sbid International Design Awards

Unity pleased to be invited to present to the Society of British and International Designers Conference in London. Unity has a great story to tell. ​Unity is joining with SBID in its exciting new initiative aimed at making it easier for the design industry to protect its creations.
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The Garden Bridge project

Unity Legal Solutions exists to challenge the legal market, to disrupt anti-competitive practices and to ensure that the business community gets legal services which provide best value for money. However, Unity has been appalled by the huge waste of money involved in the aborted London Garden Bridge project and we have asked Dom Billins to provide the facts.
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Tribunal fees abolished – court fees next

In 2013 the then government introduced swingeing fees for employment tribunals on the basis that it would prevent the bringing of weak and malicious cases.
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