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Video has become an increasingly important aspect of everyday life, including business. No presentation is complete with graphic or video content. Why should the process of dispute resolution be any different? Unity believes that video can be an important aspect of presenting a case to opponents during the course of settlement, for mediation, for presentation to funders and, ultimately, to courts. Video is an important advocate, grabs the attention and, importantly, humanises what might otherwise be dry concepts.

Our strategic partner producing video for our client cases is Video Law Productions. They have decades of producing numerous, award-winning videos for television, film, including documentaries, for clients across the globe. They employ a targeted storytelling approach unique to each case which incorporates the facts but also humanises the litigating party. Within each video, they add backstory, context, and other persuasive components such as 3D animation for accident reconstruction. Video Law Productions also produces “Day In the Life” short documentaries that illuminate a client’s case and losses and include an on-camera interview.
​Highlights of Tasks Performed.

  • Video Law Productions (VLP) reviews all documents including pleadings and witness statements
  • VLP offers Streaming Video Conferencing, on apps such as Zoom, Go To Meeting and Google’s Duo, which are now becoming the norm, supporting the traditional legal process.
  • Today the research shows that 96% percent of consumers found a video helpful for making decisions.
  • 83% of businesses say video provides an excellent return on investments.
  • Viewers claim that they retain 95% from watching video.