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ONE of the big problems facing clients involved in a dispute is getting clear, cost-effective, and objective advice at the outset of the case as to:

  • The merits of the case
  • The costs involved in litigating the case and the exposure to the other side’s costs
  • The availability of litigation funding and After-the-Event Insurance.

TOO OFTEN the advice is expensive and, as a result, clients do not wish to obtain comprehensive written advice as to the strengths and weaknesses of their case. Clients are not made aware of the costs involved in taking a case to trial or that, once they have issued proceedings, they would be exposed to paying the other side’s costs if they wanted to discontinue the case. Sometimes, the solicitors involved have a vested interest in giving positive or negative advice as to the merits of a case depending on whether they want to take on the client.

The Unity Solutions

Unity offers “The OPEN CASE “solution. Unity is not a law firm regulated by the SRA, although its professionals are individually regulated by various professional bodies. As such, Unity cannot and will not act as solicitors on the record for clients involved in litigation. Unity may often ancillary services linked to a case, such as funding, but has no vested interest in the ongoing case. It can give objective advice to a client involved in the early stages of a dispute.
Unity will give a preliminary assessment of a client’s case at no cost and then provide a fixed fee quote to the client for an opinion that will provide:

  • An analysis of the facts
  • A conclusion as to the merits of the case
  • What further evidence may be required
  • The likely range of costs involved
  • The likely availability of funding

The client then has the option to take the opinion to his usual solicitor and go from there. Alternatively, he or she may want to take advantage of Unity’s other services:

  • Choosing the team
  • Finding funding for the case
  • Early stage mediation
  • Project managing the case
  • A full costing of the proceedings

CONTACT UNITY at for further information.