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Choosing the right lawyer for an assignment is a challenging and sometimes impossible task for clients and the wrong choice can have disastrous consequences for your case or transaction.

UNITY solves this problem by using our experience and knowledge of the market to conduct a professional selection process and then allow you to make the final choice, which is usually best done by meeting the candidates. The result will be someone with the right credentials and with whom you can work. In litigation cases, we can also assist with the choice of barrister, expert witness, e-discovery provider, asset tracing business and litigation funder. Further, we provide another key, and very important, service that is often not provided by litigation lawyers: if any litigation case (whether or not we are already dealing with it) becomes suitable for mediation, our head of mediation can provide guidance as to what sort of mediation should be adopted, what could happen at the mediation, and what approach should be adopted at the mediation. We can also assist with the choice of mediator in such litigation cases. As with litigation cases we are already dealing with, we have wide knowledge, and considerable experience, in the mediation field, and we have a team of mediators. In a corporate finance transaction, we can also put together a team of accountants, corporate finance advisers and bankers.

How will we charge you? It depends on the complexity of the task but we will always charge on a fixed fee basis and never an hourly rate. We will never receive a fee from the legal team that we help you to choose. Where we are asked to source litigation finance, we will agree a fee basis with you and/or the funder in advance.