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Apart from the wrong choice of lawyer and issues arising from fees, problems often develop between lawyer and client as a result of a breakdown in communications arising from misunderstandings. In addition, litigation and corporate finance transactions can put a strain on the schedule of time-poor busy executives.

UNITY provides a solution to these problems by project managing the relationship. We will act as an intermediary between the client and the professional to ensure that the client’s instructions and the lawyer’s advice are understood by each party. We will also ensure continuing transparency in respect of the question of costs. We will, if required, act in the capacity of in-house counsel or Non-Executive Director. For these services, we will charge a monthly retainer with a success fee.

Our Head of Mediation can also, as and when any Mediation arises, advise about the Mediation tactics and strategy both prior (such as what type of Mediation should be sought and other difficult and complex questions) and at the Mediation itself (such as its format and whether there should be any breaks for the obtaining of non-binding Opinions and other difficult and complex questions). This advice can also be given direct to persons/entities who are not yet clients of Unity. This type of detailed Mediation tactical/strategic advice service provided by someone of the quality, and with the experience, of our Head of Mediation is unique.