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Unity Legal at the 2017 sbid International Design Awards


Unity Legal Solutions will showcase how to manoeuvre the design industry through the jungle of intellectual property litigation at the Society of British and International Designers’ annual 20:20 Meet the Buyer event taking place today at London’s Dorchester Hotel. Aware of the urgent need for improved intellectual property protection and litigation, Unity has collaborated with SBID on its recent launch of its intellectual property campaign and now offers members of SBID and the wider design industry a new and straightforward course of legal action that addresses their immediate business needs.

Unity will demonstrate that the problems surrounding intellectual property protection need to be approached with effective legal action. Unity’s legal services bring a game changing approach to the intellectual property litigation process by providing accessible and cost effect legal mediation, management and funding.

Unity Legal Solutions does not provide legal advice per se but rather plays the role of an expert intermediary. By doing so, Unity is able to effectively connect those in need of legal services with the most suitable lawyers. Unity’s vision is to go up against the legal industry’s status quo where, too often, clients and lawyers have been mismatched, leading to wasted money and unresolved disputes. One of the most pressing legal areas requiring immediate and effective action, especially for the wider creative industries, is that of intellectual property (IP) theft. IP law presents significant shortcomings in its present implementation. Integrated expertise from a variety of key industries uniquely positions Unity Legal Solutions to challenge the legal market by providing an efficient and innovative service that can connect clients from all sectors with the right lawyers, best placed to win their case.

At the launch of the SBID IP initiative this morning Gerald Bowey, Founder and Director of Unity Legal Solutions, commented: “There is nothing more frustrating for a creative or brand owner than to see their ideas and designs exploited, counterfeited or stolen without easy means of redress; that frustration can be exacerbated by the wrong lawyer or by unexpectedly high legal bills. This new SBID membership service allows Unity to work closely with members to provide the best support, funding and outcome to the threat of intellectual property plagiarism.”

​By collaborating with professional membership organisations, Unity seeks to support members directly, contribute to enforcing and improving the execution of intellectual property law.

Dr Vanessa Brady OBE, President and Founder of the Society of British and International Designers (SBID) said “As part of SBID’s drive to prevent theft in the interior design industry, and to support the launch of the Intellectual Property (IP) campaign, we have formed an association with Unity Legal Solutions to facilitate our members’ business needs immediately. The campaign will take time to roll out and take effect, so for members that need advice and support now, the Unity service is part of SBID’s armoury to combat intellectual property theft and to support the growth and profit of our creative industry.”

Download Unity at SBID 25 October 2017 press release

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​Gerald Bowey fcipr frsa mprca
Director, Unity Legal Solutions
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