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Erik Van Wellen


Erik, a Belgian national with extensive international knowledge and professional exposure, is an experienced Chartered Engineer and a registered International Professional Engineer who is also EUR ING-qualified. He holds engineering degrees from both the Universities of Antwerp and Liverpool as well as a PhD in Engineering from the University of Plymouth. He has amassed over 20 years of international civil engineering and construction related experience on complex and large-scale projects across the globe. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

Erik is a CEDR accredited mediator as well as a fully accredited mediator in civil & commercial matters by the Federal Mediation Commission (FBC) of the Belgian Ministry of Justice. He works as a freelance independent expert, arbitrator & mediator out of Antwerp in Belgium. Erik is also engaged as one of the founding members of the FBC Special Commission for Construction in Belgium. Having gained the highest level of professional competencies, he deploys his amassed technical and commercial knowledge now also as a mediator specialising in construction, international and general commercial or contractual related matters. He is known for his astute observations and practical insightful advice; and is able to provide a steady pair of hands on the tiller when assisting his clients.