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Unity Legal Solutions commercial mediation enquiry form for professional advisors

  • Please complete this Form so that ULS can evaluate your Mediation needs and make proposals as to whether or not ULS can meet those needs.
  • By completing this form, you do not agree to any Mediation and you do not retain ULS, or any member(s) of its Mediation panel (“Mediators”), for any purposes whatsoever.
  • ULS and Mediators decline, absolutely, all offers of appointment in connection with any Mediation, or other matter, until such time as ULS and/or a Mediator expressly enters a written Mediation Agreement which, unless otherwise expressly agreed, will be in the un-amended form from time-to-time set out in the relevant section of the ULS Web site, or as otherwise provided by ULS.
  • When completed, in whole or part, this form will be strictly confidential between you and ULS except that ULS may disclose this form to one or more Mediators in the course of assessing the matters referred to in this form and deciding whether ULS is willing and able to conduct a Mediation in connection therewith.
  • In this Form, the term “Disagreement” refers solely to the disagreement in so far as it is described below.